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The Outreach Program

The Word Travels program, established in March 2005, brings the culture and excitement of the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival to Calgary & Area high schools.

Throughout the year, Alberta poets including Gregory Scofield, Bob Stallworthy, Eugene Stickland and the festival’s Founder and Artistic Director, Sheri-D Wilson, visit Calgary-area high schools for readings and Q&A periods.  During the April festival, poets from across the country and around the world are also available for in-school sessions.

The program is intended to take advantage of the accessibility and vivacity of Spoken Word Poetry to educate students about this exciting new art form and promote literacy.  This community outreach is meant to complement the schools’ existing curricula, so the festival staff communicates with teachers and administration to make sure students get the most out of the poet’s visit.

If you would like to involve your school in the Word Travels program, please contact Mark Hopkins at markhopkins@calgaryspokenwordfestival.com or at 403.710.0093.



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